PAIC exhibition: Under the Shadow of Participation

24.11.2017 – 20.01.2018

Opening, Friday 24th November at 7 pm
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The  exhibition titled “Under the shadow of participation” was The exhibition titled Under
the Shadow of Participation was opened on the final evening of the PAIC project, November 11, 2017, in the ACVic.

It presented the works of the artist related to the project (Biel Barnils,  Jordi Lafon,  Juan Carlos Moreno, Domènec, BridA/Tom Kerševan, Sendi Mango, Jurij Pavlica, Line Sandvad Mengers
Sonja Vuk) as well as the works resulted from the workshop process created by the participants fro four different groups  ADFO (Associació de disminuïts Físics d’Osona), Aurora Gestió de Projectes Socials, Casal Mossèn Josep Guiteras, Centre Obert de Vic and Creu Roja.


For some time now, a series of practices have been introduced into the field of art which incorporate methodologies and mechanisms of participation. These kinds of practices may be found halfway between the activation and motivation of new audiences, the development of collaborative dynamics, artistic experimentation in the construction of new social spaces, the democratisation of cultural practices, the search for new spheres to help in assembling projects, the dismantling of the artistic discipline, the necessity and the desire to work with people, the will to make an educational and socialising tool of the arts, the incorporation of playful and socially engaging elements, a socially committed art, the search for a justified utility, or other forms of citizen stimulus which, specific to each project, are defined and deployed, increasing the multiple definitions of art based upon participation. It is at this point that we wish to call to “the shadow of participation,” as a shadow that at times protects us, welcomes us, protects us, cares for us or projects us ; but which at other times does not let us see the light, bureaucratises us, entangles us, limits us, conditions us, drag-out us or enclose us. To overcome this tension, in which the dividing line is very faint, methodologies, forms, attitudes and the sincerity with which the tasks are deployed become very important. The works presented in the exhibition constitute different ways, and possible lines of work in which artistic practice and participation come together, crossing different shadows that stand between them.