Comparative study of cultural, social and political context – research paper

The study / research paper will be based on in-depth regional and local need analyses of cultural, social and political contexts of target groups and communities (in Spain, Slovenia, Denmark and Croatia) and will include observation with participation, comparative analysis and analyses through research based on qualitative methods such as content analysis of primary and secondary written sources (professional literature, research papers, organizational reports, official documents, media reports, analysis of official data), individual and group structured and semi-structured interviews in order to obtain insight and analysis of need for creative and art-based social action, existing creative social action arts programs / practices and gathered data from different wider scopes such as EU and Euro-Mediterranean.

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PAIC e-book

E-book will be produced at the very end of the project, summing up all the results of PAIC project and creating a record of knowledge and ideas about the broader context of art-based social action workshops activities and involved curricula. E-book will comprise guides for promotion of new model for art-based social action.

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Video documentary

The video documentary will illustrate experience and “creative stories” realised during the PAIC’s activities and will be designed as a document and a record of the synergies that arise as result of collaboration and cultural and artistic experiences of creative practitioners and local people. The emphasis is on a contextualist approach which mean favouring stories and giving the voices to the members of invisible communities. It will combine intercutting images, archival footage, video footage from workshops and interviews with local people and workshop participants taken on the locations on which workshops / project will take place.