PAIC workshops will include tools and techniques which will produce participatory experience, and by giving the voice and being responsive to the needs and interests of local community members become a place for community engagement and dialogue which will challenge old cultural values and create new ones. The active involvement of community memebrs plays a crucial role in development and implementation of workshops programme.

The PAIC workshop: A co, mi?

12 -23 February 2018

From February 12 to February 23, 2018, PAIC second work session on the Island of Vis, this time in the city of Vis, is taking place. While the PAIC team is discussing the project issues, local community is involved in two video workshops. With Slovenian artist Valerie Wolf Gang and Croatian artist Dinko Božanić as …

The PAIC workshop: “Making the visible invisible – Kunstnergarden meets Holbergskolen”

3-9 February 2017

The second PAIC workshop took place at the local Art Museum, Kunstnergården, in the village Dianalund, Denmark from Friday February 3, till Friday 9, 2017. The aim of the workshop was to create wider awareness and recognition of the possiblities for collaboration between the local school, Holbergskolen, and the local art museums; Kunstnergården and Sorø …

The Osek workshop: “Visible/ Invisible”

29 November 2016

The event series that took place in the Osek village, Slovenia between 29.11. and 9.12.2016 was gradually prepared through regular meetings with the representatives of the local cultural and tourist association, between mid September and late November 2016. After the public and open invitation to the workshop through posters and flyers distributed within the 3 …