Preconditions for Online Participation

Author: Annie Abrahams


In this article Annie Abrahams gives a short personal, yet critical overview of her always collaborative and often participatory artistic practice. Based on her experiences she tries to formulate some general preconditions for it to be successful. She finds that an awareness of hardware and software influences, clear and open protocols, familiarisation with the technology, an active role and a hospitable environment for the participants are obligatory to allow them to enjoy an aesthetics of attention and trust, where their choices and behavior count. Continue reading “Preconditions for Online Participation”

Culture all year around

Author: Anna Recasens

Photo: Katarina Blažić

Several cars, buses, ferries, and flights were necessary to reach the Isle of Vis , a unique location in the Adriatic, an island of transparent waters, dramatic skies, the exuberant nature of citrus, which has housed the past winter weeks, workshops and artistic residences of the PAIC project.

A place of important natural and cultural heritage, Vis is, in winter, a quiet place of essentially local activity, where its inhabitants move among the few meeting places, commercial or cultural, that remain open. PAIC, which has been rewarded by a positive reception in the community, joined the effort to enhance the local culture beyond the holiday period, strengthening the sense of place and expanding possibilities, especially among the youngest members of the community.

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The island of Vis as Imaginary place

Author: Irena Sertic

As a part of the PAIC project, a workshop will be held in September in Komiža, in the island of Vis, Croatia with the aim to artistically instigate cultural shifts and social change especially in the sense of raising civic engagement to improve the quality of life in local community and build public will (collective value of bonding social networks that connect people, rise trust, reciprocity and cooperation) that help to cohere island’s community members around common purpose, identity, and sense of belonging, and lead to development of social capital.

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Museum exhibition as a tool for educational and social change in society

Author: Irena Sertic

In the situation where the proposed educational reforms are unrelated to the problems facing the EU/global community, new ideas about culture and society and new initiatives can challenge museums and other cultural institutions to rethink their purpose, to account for their performance and to redesign their pedagogical practice toward conceptual change and positive future. In this context, it is very important to discuss the role that cultural education has in society, especially in creating, generating and distributing knowledge and possible approaches to new learning economies based on diverse methods of sharing and using cultural educational resources.

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Kenneth Balfelt: “Everybody is an expert on her/his own needs”.

Author: Josipa Bubas

Developing innovative program, creative participatory methods, new tools, encouraging the creativity of individuals as well as raising aspirations are both foundation and purpose of PAIC activities. The project is devoted to exploration of art-based and creative methods of expression through interaction with the environment, culture, and heritage while building social, cultural and intellectual capacities and improving skills of all involved, all with an aim to develop renewable culture. Here, creativity is perceived as transformative skill and a means for social action, inspiring groups and individuals to take active role in society, creating networks of community members, artist and experts. During our visit to Copenhagen, Danish artist Kenneth Balfelt told us: “Everybody is an expert on her/his own needs”. Along this line, PAIC approach is to create and build with and for community, creating platform for creative interaction where artists take their tools and methods as the starting point, community brings their narratives and together they implant dots of creativity in social processes, then developing them into lines and networks that will strengthen groups and individuals and incite more creative engagement of all involved. Continue reading “Kenneth Balfelt: “Everybody is an expert on her/his own needs”.”