Eighth project meeting in Vis, Croatia

19 till 23 February 2018

Meeting in Vis, held from  February 19 to 23, 2018 was integrated in co-creative workshop in a form of merged activity to involve cooperative discourse with the purpose to review the progress and identify areas that would benefit from collaborative input of artists and social community members in the meeting part, and in the same time to be able to tackle some of the island’s issues and problems more effectively and to explore and present new options for further decisions. The team was involved in the discussion about the outcomes and the key findings of residences and workshops that have been held so far, discussing new approaches and analyzing old ones, improving and developing the concept all the time.  Discussion about the  e – book provoked some new thoughts and ideas and video production discussion topics resulted in some fruitful ideas that will direct the work towards the creation of a record of the synergies that arise as a result of collaboration and cultural and artistic experiences of local people and experts.