Final project meeting in Barcelona, Spain


The meeting took place in Barcelona, Spain, at Arts Santa Mònica, La Rambla, 7, 22 – 26 October 2018. It was dedicated to the project impact evaluation and follow up strategy with focus on further EU partnering, cooperation and fundraising.

Networking dinner, Barcelona, 22 october 2018

The meeting was coordinated with Mr. Carlo Giuseppe IMARISIO, Project officer of CREATIVE EUROPE – CULTURE. He joined the meeting with the purpose to monitoring success of project management and PAIC contribution to the achievement of EU policy priorities. PAIC team were able to share with him views on project sustainability and knowledge about European projects’ results and discuss concept and tools useful for determining a sustainability strategy and utilising the PAIC project as a follow up on European policy issues as well as EU/Creative Europe examples of best practice / sustainable projects.

During the meeting team members presented their reports and discussed the social and psychological impact of PAIC activities on targeted communities as well as professional impact to those working in art and culture. The possibilities to develop another project(s) as PAIC follow-up and new application to CE programme, EU partnering and cooperation and fundraising were also discussed.