Kristina Elisabeth Steinbock

National project manager

Kristina Elisabeth Steinbock, holds a MA in Theory and communication, MFA in Fine Art from The Royal Academy of Fine Art in Copenhagen and a BA (hons) Fine Art Photography Glasgow school of Art. She is a visual artist working within video, installation and sound. Her video works has been shown at film/video festivals in Copenhagen, Berlin and London.

She has years of experience in art education (e.g. Holbæk Art school) and as a teacher (e.g. Copenhagen Film and photography school and the IT university in Copenhagen). Also has worked with different marginalized communities, such as Gorbals Art project which interacted with street children/working class children and the community, and IBOS Institute for visually impaired people where she implemented art teaching and new approaches towards the blind embodiment. She is also an international conference speaker (e.g. Tactile reading conference, Stockholm, Audio descriptions; The art of access, London)

In research context Steinbock is interested in the development of a new language of embodiment, through theory and empirical material combined in a visual output. She has made several art works regarding the notion of blindness and the disabled identity and published different articles and publications (e.g. Between the dark and the white, a study of the borderland between film and visual arts 2012, Scratching the Surface, How to teach Art for Blind and Visually Impaired 2015)