PAIC First Workshop in Osek, Slovenia, 16/12/2016



The presentation of the project PAIC and the internationally renowned resident artists, Domènec (Spain – Barcelona) and BridA (Slovenia – Šempas) opened the workshop process on Tuesday, 29 November 2016 at 19h in the gallery “Učilna” (Osek 73), where for the last 10 years the Osek village community produced most of its indoor cultural programmes. The event  marked the begining of the community workshops to the topic of “Visible / Invisible”. The participants, who responded to the call via flyers and posters spread across the neighbouring villages and the nearby Nova Gorica town, were to be led by the artists, collaborating every afternoon between 30.11 and 12.08. in the location “Farovž” (Osek 79), the newly acquired premises dedicated to various cultural activities of the community.

The participants worked closely with artists, according to the topics and methods agreed at the first evening; they  learned and develop creative processes or tools with which to address the selected topic of “Visible / Invisible” — they were to depart from old photographs, brought in by the participants, mapping personas, real locations and their stories into a (hyper)media remix

The professional workshop on participatory art, conducted by the PAIC project team was held partly parallelly and intertwined with the aforementioned process between 5. and 8. 12. 2016, they were held in Osek and at the premises of the Academy of Arts of the University of Nova Gorica.