PAIC Fourth Workshop in Osek, Slovenia, 24/06/2017


Emerging from the evaluation of the very successful and inspiring last year’s workshop in Osek to the topic of “Visible / Invisible”, the community of Osek, including the adjacent villages of Šempas and Vitovlje, will explore the dichotomies between “Present and Absent”, every day between June 13 and June 24, 2017. This time the workshop will be primarily dedicated to young community members between 7 and 17 year of age, but also their parents might form an interesting secondary group of creators!

This year’s resident artists are the acclaimed Croatian intermedia artist and curator Darko Fritz and the emerging Hungarian/Slovenian contemporary dance artist and teacher Tamas Tuza, who will be supported by the local culture education veteran Nevenka Bremec. The particular mix of performing arts and (inter)media creative practices is surely bound to positively permeate the rural social, natural and technical tissues!