Participatory Art for Invisible Communities

On Thursday, 14.3.2017 the PAIC location & community in Osek (Slovenia) was be visited by a group of 23 cultural managers, artists and curators from the countries of EU-Eastern partnership – Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, along with 15 Slovenian NGO-culture representatives, producers, curators… They chose PAIC as something worth experiencing, we are going to take them to see “Farovž”, meet the community/participants, see the artworks produced in the workshop…

The purpose of the study visit was to build capacity for cross-border cooperation (also within the EU Creative Europe programme), project development as well as to enable establishing and strengthening links between cultural operators from the Eastern Partnership countries and Slovenia. With the focus on the ‘core art fields’, such as performing arts, visual arts, cultural heritage, coworking and urban creative spaces, the participants explored cultural scenes in Ljubljana and also beyond the capital – in Maribor and Nova Gorica.

The event in Osek. participated in by 57 visitors and community members, and the whole day way a big success, with several positive reverberations in social media, esp. through the main event group at

The outreach to external users is estimated at around 1500 social media users. Several direct disseminations went to major decision makers in the visiting countries, such as ministries adn big public cultural institutions.

 Additionally, several project and consortia ideas and initiatives were started at and after the event.

Done by P.Purg, M.V.,Nemec, R. Rusjan, 
in Nova Gorica.

PAIC Participatory Art for Invisible Communities is a multidisciplinary project, based upon methodologies which combine artistic practices with collective community participation. Its mission is to strengthen cultural identity in isolated or invisible contexts.It combines research and the activation of processes with short- and medium-term actions, involving local agents (individuals and various organisations), artists (those who form part of the local context, and/or those invited to join), the organising partnership ( the four countries involved) and collaborating institutions (linked to their localities).

PAIC objectives are to promote contemporary art within a social and territorial context; to enhance elements of identity and culture; to enhance teamwork and interpersonal relationships; to develop an artistic project among a variety of participants who form part of their local communities; and to generate interdisciplinary work between local and foreign artists.

PAIC takes place in Komiza (Croatia), Søro (Denmark), Osek (Slovenia) and Vic (Spain), and it is co-funded by Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

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