PAIC Second Workshop in Sorø, Denmark

3-9 February 2017

The second PAIC workshop took place at the local Art Museum, Kunstnergården, in the village Dianalund, Denmark from Friday, February 3 till Thursday 9, 2017. The aim of the workshop was to create a wider awareness and recognition of the possibilities for collaboration between the local school, Holbergskolen, and the local art museums; Kunstnergården and Sorø Kunstmuseum. Throughout the workshop, two volunteers from Kunstnergården and the Danish sound artist Mads Bech Paluszewski-Hau and the Austrian artist Helene Thuemmel engaged 24 7th grade students (13-14 y.) in artistically creative learning processes and gave new life to Kunstnergården with five new audio works and visual artworks. The open frame and inspiration from both artists and Kunstnergården played directly into the final design of the workshop. Even though the hole workshop each day was planned and rearranged according to the process, an important workshop-tool was that both students and artists were put in situations where they had to search for inspiration, learn from the place and explore its possibilities.

The 24 students, who worked in five groups, created five artworks of different nature, and each in their own way contributed to new life on Kunstnergården. The works were shown for students, parents, PAlC team members, the volunteers from Kunstnergården and other interested people from the local area at an opening on Thursday 9th of February from 16-18 p.m. More than 65 people attended the opening.

In many ways – and on many levels – this workshop aimed to illustrate that when people are being listened to and when something makes sense and becomes meaningful, it opens up the mind and willingness to create new perspectives and new partnerships – the invisible became visible.

The PAIC workshop at Kunstnergården was also funded by The Danish Art Council and The Cultural – and School Organisation, Middle – and West Sealand.