PAIC / OSEK | 2016
Participatory Art for Invisible Communities

WORKSHOP “Visible – Invisible”
BridA (Jurij Pavlica, Sendi Mango, Tom Kerševan),
Slovenian group of artists / Domènec, Spanish artist.
Hosted by: Academy of Arts of the University of Nova Gorica, together with the KTD Osek.

The event series that took place in the Osek village, Slovenia was gradually prepared through regular meetings with the representatives of the local cultural and tourist association, between mid September and late November 2016. After the public and open invitation to the workshop through posters and flyers distributed within the 3 villages of Vitovlje, Šempas and Osek an introduction or kickoff event took place, including some 30 locals. There the PAIC project was introduced briefly and the artists introduced their works and methods, suggesting some possible artistic approaches to the topic of “Visible/Invisible”.

The community workshop method, lead by BridA and Domènec, departed from gathering old photographs and stories of the important local people and events that people disposed of privately, such that were probably not to be chronicled or archived otherwise, and were likely to be lost in time. These were then discussed and selected; the faces of key persons of the community historical events, families and landmarks were scanned in and digitally edited, then printed life-size. Facial masks were produced, and mapped onto relevant locations throughout the community. Stories were recorded on audio and/or video to document these connections. A selfie-photographing activity was held throughout the community locations. A rich-media google-maps based mapping of the locations and stories took place on a dedicated web page, that was also displayed for interactive use at the final event, next to the facial masks and selected “selfie” photos and other documentation of the workshop process.

PAIC Participatory Art for Invisible Communities is a multidisciplinary project, based upon methodologies which combine artistic practices with collective community participation. Its mission is to strengthen cultural identity in isolated or invisible contexts.It combines research and the activation of processes with short- and medium-term actions, involving local agents (individuals and various organisations), artists (those who form part of the local context, and/or those invited to join), the organising partnership ( the four countries involved) and collaborating institutions (linked to their localities).

PAIC objectives are to promote contemporary art within a social and territorial context; to enhance elements of identity and culture; to enhance teamwork and interpersonal relationships; to develop an artistic project among a variety of participants who form part of their local communities; and to generate interdisciplinary work between local and foreign artists.

PAIC takes place in Komiza (Croatia), Søro (Denmark), Osek (Slovenia) and Vic (Spain), and it is co-funded by Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

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