Round table discussion: Creating the Island Vis Cultural Identity


Round table discussion “Creating the Island Development Strategies using Cultural Identity Strengthening and Renewable Culture Development Methods” will take place on Friday, February 23, 2018 at 6 p.m. at the international University Centre Vern in Vis, Viškog boja 3. The round table is organized by Studio Omnimendia, University of Applied Sciences Vern and the City of Vis and will host respectable speakers. Ivo Radica, Vis city major, dr. sc. Ozana Ramljak from Vern University, mr.sci. Sonja Buble from the Ministry of Culture, Irena Sertić, leader of  PAIC project and members of the local community will discuss role of heritage and culture for the island  identity development.

Our wish to is open discussion on issues such as revitalization of cultural, natural and social heritage, using the possibilities to act together  to open new perspectives of the usage of culture and heritage as tools to improve quality of life and work on the island. One of our goal is to help to develop island life through all year, avoiding concentration on seasonal activities and leaving the other part of the year without and content. PAIC project is partly devoted to establishing culture and heritage as a opportunity of development, and in the case of the island of Vis, it is important to  discuss consequences of the mass tourism on the future of the island identity. Building and nurturing local identity and culture by using artistic methods and tools while activating entire community around communal interest of creating new island life possibilities will be some of the topics covered at the round table discussion.