Fifth Project Meeting in Vic, Spain

29 till 31 April 2017

The PAIC team gathered in the ACVIC, Centre for Contemporary Art in Vic, Spain to have an intensive working sessions. In the creative phases of the project we found desirable to involve cooperative discourse and hold combined meetings and workshops and thus we organised this meeting integrated in workshops with the purpose to review the progress and identify areas that would benefit from collaborative input of artists and social community members in the meeting part, and in the same time to be able to tackle some of the issues/problems in the workshop part more effectively, and thus to explore and present new options for further decisions. With inviting artists and local community members to be part of decision making we wanted to insure that the resulting decisions will be accepted by both (artists and local people). The aim was to enable the broad range of potential solutions and evaluation of ideas and to use different perspectives to analyse ideas and tasks.

During the meeting we were discussing the role of art in community, its potential for individual, social and cultural transformation and trying to find new ways to make it work through both practice and theory. Our primary focus was developing a creative and innovative SCENARIO which through the use of art and culture attends to the needs and problems of communities, offering creative solutions and providing resources and means of transformation. Accordingly, through PAIC transformation scenario we have defined levels of interaction between various parameteres as part of this complex process.