PAIC sixth workshop in Vic, Spain

13 - ​24 November 2017.

The second Vic workshops, that took place November 19 – 24, 2017,  included four different groups working separately with local artist Jordi Lafon and Danish artist Line Sandvad Mengersn. Work with the Creu Roya was a continuation of the first Vic workshop and involved some of the women who participated the first PAIC workshop.

Work in the Centre Obert also continued from the first Vic workshop: it developed from the creation of clay figures spread all over the outskirts of Vic, to drawings representing community/group that became interesting T-shirt design.

The fourth group, Casal d’avis Josep Guiteres gathered members of the retired people association Mossen Josep Guiteres, who previously participated different painting workshops. For the PAIC program, they have put together a puzzle shaped like the Earth globe to express the desire for a better world.

Similar, with the group of ADFO, the PAIC artistic team worked on a mural where the issue of identity emerged from texts, icons, and drawings that represented their interests and desires.

All the work was presented as the part of the exhibition titled  Under the Shadow of Participation, on November 24, 2017, in the ACVic. The surprise at the opening was remarkable catering done by the Red Cross group.