Presenting the Project at the 5th Anatomy of Islands Symposium, Vis


Presenting the Project at the 5th Anatomy of Islands Symposium, 15 September, Vis, Croatia

The concept of the PAIC was presented at the 5th Anatomy of Islands Symposium From an Island Manifesto towards an international Centre for Island life and culture. Irena Sertić (Omnimedia) as the lead manager of the PAIC gave a presentation on the topic Participatory Art for Invisible Communities.

The aim of the presentation was to demonstrate the important role that culture and heritage can have if intervention does not refer only to the protection of remains of the past, but also to the places and communities that preserve the tradition and cultural values and foster access modes to cultural resources that are inclusive, community-affirming and challenging. The discussion was led around the concepts of the total museum (Wagensberg) and Gesamtkunstwerk as a possible approach to cultural sustainability of isolated communities and culture and as a platform for change.



According to the concepts of total museum (Wagensberg) and Gesamtkunstwerk (used as the term applied in art and architecture), the exhibition complied with the new trend of mobilizing interdisciplinary methodology and creating a totalizing experience by overseeing of the building totality[1]: people/visitors, accessories, furnishing; incorporating installations, objects and features of various types, exhibits, design, setting, ambiance and environment. It also includes the trend of unifying forms of knowledge emphasising that interactivity does not just consists of the hands-on approach of interactive exhibits; it also involves a hearts-on based on real living objects as well as mind-on approach deriving from mainly abstract experiences

[1] Reffering to the modern approach to the concept of architectural Gesamtkunstwerk which emerged with the Bauhaus school, established in Weimar in 1919 by Walter Gropius