Excursion Mi – We – Areas of Art and Culture – Pixxelpoint 2016

As a part of PAIC networking events during the workshop in Osek (December 2106) and with the aim in mind to foster meaningful connections between PAIC team and colleagues and peers from art and culture sector, Irena Sertic and Josipa Bubas participate in excursion We – Areas of Art and Culture which was organized as part of the a media/contemporary art festival Pixxelpoint 2016. They visited SMO – Slovensko multimedialno okno and Stazione Topolo.


Presenting the Project at the 5th Anatomy of Islands Symposium, Vis

The concept of PAIC was presented at the 5th Anatomy of Islands Symposium From an Island Manifesto towards an international Centre for Island life and culture. Irena Sertić (Omnimedia) as the lead manager of the PAIC gave a presentation on the topic Participatory Art for Invisible Communities.